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The ASCII Group Finds Out What IT Reseller Clients Really Think

The ASCII Group Finds Out What IT Reseller Clients Really ThinkEven if it’s not always what they want to hear, IT resellers need to get honest opinions back from their customers about how well they have been served. The problem, apart from motivation, is often one of time and resources. The ASCII Group offers a solution to its IT reseller members with a service for conducting live calls to gauge customer satisfaction, going beyond web-based surveys.

How Far Does the Service Go?

On one hand, the service from The ASCII Group can offer a similar level of quality and cost-effectiveness with the other marketing services that the group provides (ghostwritten newsletters and social media page content, for example).

On the other hand, IT resellers using the service will still need to be prepared to take action on any customer issues raised. While The ASCII Group can uncover problems, only the reseller can, and should, fix those problems.

Resellers Must Stay in Command

While customer satisfaction surveys are an important part of marketing, they are also more effective when linked to an overall customer relationship management (CRM) system. This allows your company to track information received and actions taken.

In other words, even if a reseller chooses to outsource parts of its customer relationship activities, it still needs to be in overall command.

Checking on the quality of an outsourced service like this is also important.

Options include the IT reseller discretely following up with a close customer contact after the purchase. The reseller can also include its own contact details in the list to be called. This will make it appear to be simply another one of the customers to be surveyed.

Have you ever had any surprises, good or not so good, about what a customer thought of you? How did you find out? Tell us about your experiences in the COMMENTS section.

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