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CMIT Solutions Franchise: Advantages of Patch Management Services

CMIT Solutions Franchise Advantages of Patch Management ServicesA CMIT Solutions franchise provides its owners the advantage of the patch management services niche. As malware discovers new ambushes in innocent application programs, the need to beef up software security is more vital than ever.

What is Patch Management?

Patches are security updates users install to secure their software against malware and viruses.

When software support costs run into thousands of dollars, patch management can save businesses significant expenditure that replacing damaged software incurs. Security patches can be installed for Mozilla Firefox, QuickTime, Adobe Creative Suite, Windows, and every major software product available in the market.

What a CMIT Solutions Franchise Can Do

CMIT Solutions is a market leader in comprehensive patch management services.

In fact, according to the franchiser, CMIT Solutions is the first US MSP (Managed Services Provider) to offer security patches for Adobe and Java. The updates are installed automatically, without the need to click on each prompt individually.

A Market for Small Players

Microsoft is perhaps the only technology giant that has focused on providing patch management services for its products, primarily Windows.

Most other software companies have largely ignored consolidating their patch management offerings to generate revenue, choosing to provide ambiguous user-support databases instead. As such, the market has been snagged by small companies like ZCM Patch Management, Novell ZENworks, and CMIT Solutions.

As a CMIT Solutions Franchise owner, you will be able to provide and monetize services that most MSPs can’t provide. These patch management services may as well be the next superstar service from CMIT Solutions’ stables. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the COMMENTS section below.

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