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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - July 11, 2012

Computer Repair Advertising Must Include Google LocalSP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter
July 11, 2012

Computer Repair Advertising Must Include Google Local
If you are running a local business, you need to get some exposure in the search engines as a LOCAL business. You can easily get this type of advertising off the ground using Google Local.
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Managed Services Marketing and the Fight to Manage Online Identity
As developments like social networks blur the line between the professional and the personal, new opportunities arise for managed services marketing.
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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (Special Report)
Close more sales faster with less effort.
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Service Level Agreements and What to Report to Your Customers (Screencast)
Your customers want to know how well your company is performing against your service level agreements (SLAs). Even if they don't request this information, providing it frequently proves your professionalism and can be a valuable way of showing you are doing an effective job of managing their IT systems. So, what is the crucial information to provide when reporting on your service level agreements?
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Professional Computer Services Co. Finds 4-Year-Old Virus Protection
A small IT services company recently posted on their Facebook wall something pretty astonishing. While small businesses, without in-house IT, are often known for being a little behind the times relative to mid-sized and enterprise-sized clients, Mark Anthony Germanos, president of Cameron Park Computer Services, was a little shocked to find four-year-old virus protection on a prospective client's site.
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Manage Your Time Before It Manages You (Screencast)
Effective time management is an essential skill in every facet of a computer business, but if you carry out onsite computer service, it is particularly important.
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7 Computer Repair Business Plan Topics that Yours Must Cover
The mere mention of the need for a business plan makes many new business owners' blood freeze. We become overwhelmed and then paralyzed by fear over what seems to be a monumental task. However, writing your first business plan need not be a daunting task.
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5 Must-Do Pre-Launch Action Items
Do you think that you're ready to start your computer consulting firm, but are not sure WHEN you should launch? The American Express OPEN website asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to offer tips for entrepreneurs as they start out.
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Give Your Technology Consulting Firm a Powerful Name
Starting a technology consulting firm requires so much time and effort. Don't forget to invest time in choosing a powerful name. An article on reminds startups that the right name can make ALL the difference. Consider these tips to avoid making your company's name an afterthought.
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Start a Computer Repair Business with These 6 Essential Steps (Screencast)
Are you about to start a computer repair business? If so, congratulate yourself. You've taken an essential step. But let's not kid ourselves...the real work is ahead. To help you narrow down your list of what's most important as you start, focus on these six essential steps.
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