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5 Ways for Network Design Consultants to Build Their Reputation

5 Ways for Network Design Consultants to Build Their ReputationIf you’re a network design consultant, you might be finding it difficult to build your business’s reputation. It’s likely that it is not because of your lack of knowledge or skills, but because network design is not well understood by the public.

Many small businesses may understand their pain points, but may not clearly understand that network issues cause the pain. So when you start up your new IT business with such a specialization, how can you start to build up the reputation of your network design consultancy?

Join Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

Start to interact with the local business community, and try to understand what’s causing its pain.

Once you know its pain points, you’ll be able to express your solutions in its terms.

You need to make your business specialization accessible and understandable to other business owners. This means no jargon, as it will simply alienate them.

Sponsor an Event in Your Local Community

Raise the general awareness of your business by sponsoring an event.

It doesn’t need to be a business event, but some workshops are always a great option.

If you are unable to go via the workshop route, then sponsor a local charity or community event. Make sure any materials available are jargon free.

Join LinkedIn and Actively Participate in Q&As

There’s plenty of opportunity to raise your business reputation using social media.

LinkedIn has an active community of network design consultants.  Start to participate in these communities and answer questions over at LinkedIn’s Q&A section.

Join Quora and Actively Participate in the Community

Quora is one of the biggest social media Q&A sites. It is another great place to network with peers and to be found by prospects. A good topic to start with might be computer networking.

Get Involved in Business Forums

Your niche will have its own business forums where your prospects go to talk and share advice. Work out which forums these are and join them. Be helpful by answering questions and generally assisting the community members in need.

Remember, when building your reputation as a network design consultant, it is not about self-promotion. Being overly promotional can severely damage your reputation and get you banned from these sites and forums.

Join, engage, educate, and inform, with others in these business forums. This will allow you to start building your reputation and form relationships with peers and prospects. These relationships may mature into business opportunities down the line.

Are you a network design consultant? If so, what are you doing to build your business’s reputation? Leave your thoughts and experiences in the COMMENTS section.

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