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Is Your Computer Service Flyer Confusing Your Audience?

Is Your Computer Service Flyer Confusing Your AudienceSo, you’ve decided to start a marketing campaign that includes computer service flyers. Have you thought through what you are asking your audience to do?

Many flyers fall flat because they are confusing and ask the reader to do too many things.

Call to Action

When marketing IT services, it is vital that you make sure that you provide your target audience with a clear message and one call to action (CTA).

A call to action is part of your marketing message that urges the reader to take some kind of immediate action.

In the case of your computer service flyer, you might want them to:

  • Take up a special offer - then you should direct them to a specific landing page on your website where they can redeem the offer.

  • Join your newsletter – signpost them directly to a sign-up form.

  • Connect via a social media platform – direct them to the profile URL.

You can send readers to whichever web presence you choose by providing the URL and/or including a QR code that they can scan with their smartphones.

Convert Readers to Prospects and Clients

A computer service flyer that is correctly targeted towards your audience will drive traffic to your web presence. Here you will have the opportunity to engage readers and convert them into prospects or clients.

You may also have your regular contact details on the flyer, but do not place a call to action near them. Why? Because by being faced with more than one option, the reader is less likely to take any action.

Are you looking to start a marketing campaign that includes a computer service flyer? If you need to brainstorm or share some ideas, why not leave a note in the COMMENTS section.

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