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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - July 25, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter
July 25, 2012

Design Your Computer Repair Flyers for Maximum Impact
Design Your Computer Repair Flyers for Maximum ImpactYes, another traditional marketing method that still works. The conversion rate for flyers or postcards can be good if you target them and hand them out to your audience. So, it is definitely worth getting some computer repair flyers printed and distributed to your target demographics.
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Take the IT Marketing Client Attraction Quiz (Interactive Quiz)
Do you want to get better IT marketing results? Do you need some help attracting the best small business clients to your firm?
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3 Network Consultant Tips for Getting More Clients Onto Contracts (IT.Toolbox)
If you're a network consultant for small- and medium-sized business clients (SMBs), you're likely always on the lookout for new clients...especially clients on long-term contracts. In this short excerpt from the Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies for Consistently Attracting New Business Clients to Your Small IT Business, you'll learn where you can and should search for getting more clients on contracts.
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Computer Consulting Firm Promotional Tips on Creating Good Advertising
In a world where digital marketing is increasingly popular, printed advertising can still be a valuable way to attract clients to your computer consulting firm. This is especially true on a local level. The success of advertising your computer consulting firm in this way depends hugely on the style and content of each advert. Consider the following essential tips when creating each ad.
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How to Approach IT Sales Training If You Have Never Sold Before (Screencast)
Moving from an IT role within an organization to going it alone as an IT consultant, or the owner of a small IT business, can be daunting. There are aspects of running your own business that you may never have had to do before. One of these is the sales role. If this is the case, you may want to consider some IT sales training to improve upon those specific skills.
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IT Support Contracts and Encouraging Clients to Meet their Obligations
Making sure that your IT support contracts run smoothly requires commitment on the part of your clients and users, as well as consistent service from you and your business. It is important to make sure that your clients understand that they have certain obligations.
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IT Consulting Industry "Booming" (Inc. Magazine Top 11 Best Industry)
If you're tired of well-intentioned friends and family members making largely unfounded and naive remarks, like, "Hey, sorry to hear the IT consulting industry is in a recession," you're in luck! You can now prove them wrong, right from your mailbox, bookstore, newsstand, magazine rack, smartphone, or tablet. Inc. Magazine, one of the world's most prestigious business magazines, has in its June 2012 issue declared the IT consulting industry to be on its top 11 best industries for starting a business.
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How to Start a Computer Repair Business from Home Without Capital (Screencast)
Many potential businesspeople have asked whether it is possible to start a computer repair business from home with little or no capital. The answer to that question is a resounding yes! To start up your new IT business with little or no budget available, you need to make sure that you have the following basics covered.
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27 Ingram Micro Inc. Twitter Profiles for VARs and MSPs to Follow
For small business VARs and MSPs, computer distributors like Ingram Micro Inc. are extremely important partners in the IT channel ecosystem. Why? Because it's relatively rare for most small partners to have meaningful, one-on-one relationships with most of their vendors. Since every distributor has its own unique way of getting news, information, offers, and resources out to its resellers, Twitter can help managers and staff at VARs and MSPs to aggregate all of this information together in one place that's easily scannable in just a few minutes a day.
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PC Distributors: What Will They Become When the Desktop PC Disappears? (Screencast)
Reports are rife that the PC, especially the desktop version, does not have long to live. What will happen then to PC distributors and their PC specialist channel partners? Will they simply become "Tablet distributors" or will the changes be more deeply rooted?
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