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IT Maintenance Contract Heads-Up On the 4 People You Must Keep Happy

IT Maintenance Contract Heads Up On the 4 People You Must Keep HappyWhen you operate an IT maintenance contract, it is important to build the right relationships with clients on-site to help the day-to-day running of the contract go smoothly.

This article suggests four key people you should ensure you are on good terms with at each company you look after:

The Boss

The boss is the most important person to keep happy.

In small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s), this is usually the CEO, Chief Executive, or Director, and is also probably the person who agreed to your IT maintenance contract in the first place.

If you upset this person, loss of the contract is probably not far away.

The Boss’ Secretary or PA

Directors’ personal assistants are usually held in high regard and their opinions are taken seriously.

If you fail to keep this person happy, the boss is going to hear about it.

The Financial Director

The financial director pays your invoices.

Make sure you are known to him/her; you will find life far easier if you ever need to chase a payment.

The Complainer

Every office has a complainer. The person who always has a problem with their computer. The person who shouts the loudest.

Ensure that keeping this person happy is a priority when delivering your IT maintenance contract—otherwise, the rest of the office will be given a false impression of bad service.

Obviously, this list is intended to be light-hearted. If you take your business seriously, you will know that you should be keeping all users happy, all the time. Don’t forget about these four people, however—their views count!

Do you manage to keep everyone happy when delivering an IT maintenance contract? Share your experiences (and horror stories) in the Comments below.

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Creative Commons Image Source: flickr Lara604