Not all IT professionals are great at producing documentation, but a computer service report should really be considered essential every time you do work on a client’s PC. Here are four reasons why:

1. Computer Service Reports Control Your Accountability

Imagine that you do some work on a client’s computer, and later on that day, that person inadvertently destroys some of their data and decides to blame it on you.

If you have a computer service report, detailing exactly what actions you took on their computer, you can go a long way toward proving you were not at fault.

2. Service Reports Can Jog Your Memory

If you work on numerous client PCs, it’s easy to forget exactly what steps you carried out on each.

By filling out a computer service report, you can easily look back at your actions the next time the same computer arrives on your workbench.

3. Computer Service Reports Support Your Invoices

If you encounter a particularly troublesome virus and end up having to bill several hours for fixing one PC, it’s good to have some supporting documentation if the client decides to query the amount.

4. Reports Help with Change Control

If you have more than one person working on computers within your company, it’s essential to track who does what on each machine. A report like this prevents mistakes from being made due to a lack of communication.

Do you produce a computer service report each time you work on a PC? Share your working practices in the Comments below.

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