Professional IT consultants should establish an effective computer service call report format and use it to produce documentation each time they resolve an issue or fix a PC.

When defining your computer service call report format, it makes sense to think of all the things these reports must include. This article lists them: 

1. Details of the Issue

Whether this is agreed with the customer or taken as a direct copy and paste from a support call, the report should include details of the issue.

2. Timings

Your computer service call report format should include places for the date and time the call was logged and the date and time the call was resolved. This allows the resolution time to be calculated and can also help with accurate billing.

3. Steps Taken

Detailing the steps taken is an important part of IT change control and can prove a valuable piece of information to refer back to in the event of disputes or problem recurrence.

4. Follow-up Issues / Advice

If your work on a computer or a problem causes you to issue recommendations or warnings, include them in your report.

For example, if you specify that a user should not access a specific website or change a setting, you should detail it here.

Similarly, if you recommend the replacement of hardware or software to avoid future problems, it is important to record this suggestion.

5. Sign Off

If you are providing an all-inclusive support service, it may be impractical to include a sign-off for every job.

However, if your computer service call report format is designed to encompass individual jobs on client PCs, you should include an area of the report for sign-offs to gain proof that your customer is happy with your work and has noted your recommendations.

What do you include in your computer service call report format? Share your advice in the comments below.

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