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Cloud Slam 2012 Looks at the Future of Cloud Services

Cloud Slam 2012 set up camp inCloud Slam 2012 Looks at the Future of Cloud Services San Francisco from May 30th - June 1st. The aim of the event was to explore the ways cloud services are changing the future.

Cloudcor Inc.

The organization behind Cloud Slam 2012, and the three previous Cloud Slam conferences, is Cloudcor Inc., an integrated solutions provider. The company promotes best practice and innovation.

Conference Sessions

  • Pat Adamiak of Cisco looked at the diversity of cloud offerings, and how an organization can use the cloud to be the best at what it does. As part of his presentation, Mr Adamiak referred to the cloud's ability to cut costs, expand options, and boost satisfaction among the customers of service providers.

  • IBM's Michael McCarthy spoke about his company's alignment of cloud services with the needs of business. IBM is concentrating on three areas: cloud solutions, cloud managed services, and cloud foundations.

  • Sharon Wagner, founder of Cloudyn, said that setting up cloud services is now relatively easy. However, he warned that organizations must remember to manage the cloud and control costs.

  • Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState, outlined some of the possible risks of the cloud, such as privacy and data integrity. He proposed the use of PaaS (platform-as-a-service) to help avoid these problems. 

Other sessions at Cloud Slam 2012 covered topics that included the use of cloud desktops as a cyber defense tool, energy efficiency, federal regulations, and how to choose a cloud provider. The common theme was that cloud computing will have an increasing role to play in everyone's lives.

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Image Source: Cloud Slam Media Kit

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