There are some standout examples of companies getting it right with their presence at trade shows. But there are also some that get it surprisingly wrong. You don’t want to fall into the latter category. So it’s vital that you get your managed services marketing right at any trade shows you attend, or you will be wasting your precious resources.

Here are three marketing strategies that you can employ that all successful managed service providers at trade shows use:

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  1. Staffing Up – Make sure that you have enough people on the ground to provide your visitors with the brand experience you want them to receive. All staff must be fully immersed in your business philosophy and understand the needs of your marketplace.

  2. Marketing Collateral – Have informative and interactive materials for your staff to review and hand out to visitors who come to your stand. Educating, informing, and building a buzz around your product or service should be what you are aiming for.

  3. Meeting Your Goals – Apart from building brand awareness and loyalty, your aim should be to convert visitors to leads. You need to be able to capture lead details for your database. Make sure that you have multiple ways for the visitors to your stand and the tradeshow to connect with you. Bowls to put business cards in, sign-up sheets or e-signups, and so on should be readily available.

Additionally, if you are able to, you should grab a seminar/workshop slot at the tradeshow.

These are not direct selling opportunities but are about capturing the attendees’ imagination. The goal: providing valuable and actionable information. Some soft selling via marketing collateral can be used—i.e., they can take away with them, or that encourages them to make personal contact with you at your stand.

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Have you tried managed services marketing at any tradeshows? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section.

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