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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - August 8, 2012

5 Tips for Positioning Your Computer Repair MarketingSP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter
August 8, 2012

5 Tips for Positioning Your Computer Repair Marketing
The computer repair market is a mature and saturated one. You need to think carefully about how you are going to position your computer repair marketing in order to compete. Learn five tips that will help you in marketing your IT services effectively in a tough market.
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3 Technology Marketing Tips for Communicating on a More Personal Level (Screencast)
What, get personal about building a technology products or services supply business? Absolutely! Find out three suggestions for your written technology marketing communications.
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Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies for Consistently Attracting New Business Clients to Your Small IT Business (White Paper)
Need more clients? Find out eight very low-cost ways to draw in new business. Uncover four little-known secrets for locating the most highly qualified prospective clients. Learn how you can consistently attract more high-paying clients. Discover five easy-to-apply tips for marketing high-margin, small business computer consulting services.
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IT Support Companies: Stop Bidding. Start Selling Value and Results. (IT.Toolbox)
A memo to IT support companies. Subject: The new rules. Executive summary: Stop the bidding insanity. Start selling based on your company’s value proposition and measurable results. 27 words. Can I make it any simpler? Then why do so many IT support companies still drive their profitability into the ground over such an obvious and bone-headed mistake? OK, end of rant. To make this more productive and actionable, here’s the game-plan.
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IT Sales Presentations -- A Case Study: InBay
InBay is a UK-based managed services provider that provides secure cloud services and IT support to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Learn how InBay presents its value proposition and how it gains sales through storytelling.
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Should IT Consultant Rates Be All-Inclusive? (Screencast)
All-inclusive rates may be preferred by clients. While these types of rates may be easier to manage for your company, they may limit your profitability. Discover the differences between all-inclusive rates and charging for your expenses independently, as well as how to make the best choices for your company.
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IT Support Contracts and the Pros and Cons of "All-Inclusive"
Prospective customers may find all-inclusive IT support contracts a tempting proposition. By suggesting an all-inclusive monthly price, you allow them to budget effectively. This may make your support proposal more attractive than one from a competitor. However, all-inclusive IT support contracts have some advantages and disadvantages from the IT support provider perspective.
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How to Start an IT Consulting Business...Profitably (Video)
Are you learning how to start an IT consulting business? Be careful. Starting an IT consulting business isn't all that difficult, but for many, some of the basics can be a little counterintuitive. Watch this video tutorial now to learn about three must-have revenue sources that can help you start an IT consulting business...profitably...the first time around.
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5 IT Business Ideas That Fulfill Proven SMB Must-Have’s
Sometimes, when considering IT business ideas, it’s good to go right back to basics and think about some of ways that people make money in the industry. This article suggests five simple and popular IT business ideas to help you evaluate what kind of work is right for you.
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IT Startup as a Career Goal? Examining the Pros and Cons
As you progress your career in the IT industry, you come across many people who have decided to go it alone and start up their own IT businesses. It becomes apparent that this can be a fulfilling route to take. However, an IT startup is not necessarily the right path for everyone. Consider four pros and cons that you need to consider prior to making that decision.
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