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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - August 15, 2012

Is Your Computer Service Flyer Confusing Your Audience?SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

August 15, 2012

Is Your Computer Service Flyer Confusing Your Audience?
So, you've decided to start a marketing campaign that includes computer service flyers. Have you thought through WHAT you are asking your audience to do? Many flyers fall flat because they are confusing and ask the reader to do too many things.
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MSP Marketing Starts by Managing Your Marketing Mouth
Do you understand what customers want in terms of managed services? Have you organized your company to provide those services? But MSP marketing also includes communicating the happy state of affairs back to your market. If you want to come across as credible and coherent, you'll need to manage your "marketing mouth."
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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)
Close more IT sales faster with seven simple steps (pages 3-5). Learn how to dramatically boost your closing rate while improving your company's cash flow at the same time (pages 5-6). Find out how to virtually eliminate credit risks that can interfere with your IT sales compensation (pages 8-10). Discover five key steps for closing more recurring revenue IT sales faster and with higher margins (pages 12-14).
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How Computer Support Services Can Sell Against "Best Buy for Business" (Screencast)
Locally-owned computer support services face a variety of competitors; some of which are easy to beat at their own game. Others, such as national competitors, are more challenging. For many, the nationally-owned competitor is one of the more feared battles. Learn how to sell against "Best Buy for Business" with seven points that should come in quite handy the next time a prospective client asks, "Why should I hire your tiny little company when I can contract with Best Buy for Business?"
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4 Technology Sales Pain Points When Focusing on the Cloud
"Stop spending money and use the Cloud!" was the rallying cry from Business Box during its seminar at Business 2012. Your technology sales could achieve a massive boost by adopting this IT sales strategy.
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Running a Technical Support Agreement? How to Deal with Problem Users
If you work on the basis of a technical support agreement with your clients, you are likely to have encountered "problem users" on some of your sites. It's wise to have a strategy to deal with these problem users, who can become an unfair drain on the time that you allocate. Here are a few ideas.
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5 Steps a Small Business Computer Consultant Must Take To Compete
The small business consulting sector is very different than the corporate world. As a small business computer consultant, you need to think carefully about what your service offering is going to be. When you first start up your new IT business, it is easy to overlook pinning down the fine details of what you are going to offer. Here are five steps that you should include in order to ensure that you position yourself optimally.
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Starting a Computer Repair Business - Do You Need an Office? Pros/Cons
If you are starting a computer repair business, you need to decide whether to operate your company from a dedicated office premises or from home.
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Information Security Forum (ISF) Gets On the Case of Slow Movers in IT
Lagging behind in software updates leads to security holes and added costs. That's the message from the Information Security Forum (ISF).
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D&H Distributing Company Helps Resellers Tackle the BYOD Issue
Companies are being confronted with an increasing demand for employees to be able to use their own computing devices, instead of what their employers offer. This is a problem and potential IT channel opportunity that D&H Distributing Company has heard loud and clear.
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