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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - August 29, 2012

Marketing Consulting Services? 4 Ways to Attract Great IT Clients (Screencast)SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

August 29, 2012

Marketing Consulting Services? 4 Ways to Attract Great IT Clients (Screencast)
When marketing your services, it's very important to know your end-goals so you can plan your campaigns around reaching those goals. Way too many marketing novices waste way too much time and resources chasing after vaguely defined objectives. Unless your company has a bottomless marketing budget, you need to work smart. Consider these 4 ways to attract great IT clients when marketing consulting services.
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Technology Sales Jobs and the 5 Skills that Can Make/Break Your Career
Never thought you'd find yourself in technology sales and feel a bit out of your depth? Not to worry. Many people are faced with exactly the same issue when they first take on a sales role. This is even more likely when they are running their own business for the first time. To help you make sure that your IT sales strategies run as smoothly as possible, here are 5 skills that you need to work on to be successful.
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4 Computer Repair Service Agreement Ingredients for Great SMB Clients (Screencast)
If you own a VAR, MSP, IT consultancy, or PC repair shop, there are a lot of different ways to design a service agreement program. For most technology providers that strive to offer a complete solution to their SMB clients, a service agreement needs to, by necessity, be much more comprehensive than just computer repair. With that in mind, what are the essential ingredients for attracting great SMB clients?
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How to Start a Computer Consulting Business: 6 Proven Ways to Build Your Initial Client Base (White Paper)
Are you starting an IT business? Are you trying to build your client base? Learn about eleven key steps to take right away to get established professionally in business (pages 3-5). Find out seven ways to keep your expenses low as you ramp up (pages 7-8). Build your initial client base with a simple, very low cost nine-step plan for getting in front of the right decision makers (pages 8-10). Fortify your IT startup with four sources of revenue so you don't put all your eggs in one basket (pages 10-11).
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PC Consulting - Are Home Users More Trouble Than They're Worth? (Screencast)
When you first start your consulting business, you will probably be glad for any paid work you can generate, even if some of it consists of very small jobs from home users or small one-person businesses. This is fine if you've made the decision to target the home market. However, if your primary aim is to carry out more lucrative work for businesses, it could be better to focus your energies on those prospects and avoid the home market altogether. Here are three reasons why.
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Start Your Own Computer Repair Business and Remember to Brand It! (Screencast)
People don't want to deal with gray, faceless businesses. They want to deal with a person. This means that when you start your own business, make sure that you brand it properly and inject plenty of personality into it. Strong branding from the outset is vital in order to stand out from the competition. Discover 4 tips for getting your branding right.
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10 IT Channel Conferences for SMB VARs and MSPs in September
Here's a quick rundown on the conferences and tradeshows coming up in September that are either directly targeted at the IT channel or would be of great interest to the IT channel.
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Dell Storage Forum Sets Out to Redefine Data Centers
A few weeks ago in Boston, the Dell Storage Forum promoted Dell products and redefined the way people think about data centers.
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The ASCII Group Finds Out What IT Reseller Clients Really Think
Even if it's not always what they want to hear, IT resellers need to get honest opinions back from their customers about how well they have been served. The problem, apart from motivation, is often one of time and resources. The ASCII Group offers a solution to its members.
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Cloud4SMB Expo Leverages Benefits of Cloud Computing
The Cloud4SMB Expo is a cloud computing event that focuses on the needs and expectations of SMBs. Many of the delegates include technology providers who work with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and who wish to keep up with the latest cloud computing developments.
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