Computer Service Business Can Thrive on NetworkingIf you run a computer service business, you know you need to network. A great way to get started is to pop over to YouTube and watch some videos. There are a lot out there with some useful and motivating information. Here’s a sampling:

Tripling a Client Base

This video was posted by the owner of a limousine service in the Washington DC area. She says that networking helped to triple the size of her business. Her advice can be relevant for a computer service business, since most of their business is local as well.

Although limo services may do more marketing via the Internet, potential customers will still want to know they can trust and rely on her service. Her advice for business owners when networking is to think about making a brand for yourself as CEO. You can do this by getting involved in the community, meeting people, and staying in touch with them.

3 Networking Tips

An entrepreneur posted this video, advising three key points to networking:

  1. Prepare quality questions ahead of time that are open-ended, and will get prospects talking.

  2. Be sure to listen to what prospective clients need—don’t worry so much about trying to impress people with your skills. This applies especially to a computer service business.

  3. Think about timing. You need to sense when it’s right to move the conversation into follow-up details.

Networking More Naturally

This YouTube author recommends that you look for events you would like to attend anyway, such as hearing certain speakers, so networking doesn’t seem like a chore. She advises that this change in purpose will likely change your attitude.

A computer service business needs quality ongoing customers and networking is a prime method to secure them. Take a few moments to watch these YouTube videos and schedule some networking events in the next month. Share your own networking tips in the Comments section below.

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Creative Commons Image Source: flickr Dell's Official Flickr Page

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