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Ending a Computer Maintenance Agreement – How to Ditch a Customer

Ending a Computer Maintenance Agreement How to Ditch a CustomerNot every computer maintenance agreement is meant to be. Over time, you’ll probably encounter a few clients who are simply too hard to help. Maybe they will consistently ignore your advice or perhaps refuse to make essential investments to keep their networks stable and secure.

In these situations, it sometimes becomes necessary to end a computer maintenance agreement. If a client is consistently taking up your time unfairly or causing your stress levels to rocket, it’s time to break free. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

1.       Keep It Friendly

Ending a client relationship doesn’t have to result in an argument.

Explain your reasons for wishing to end the computer maintenance agreement clearly and politely, and do so in writing.

In some situations, being candid may result in your client seeing the error of their ways and working with you to get the relationship back on a firm foundation.

2.       Honor Your Contract

Ensure that you step away within the terms and notice periods of any contract you have in place with your customer.

This is both good business and good manners.

3.       Hand Over Professionally

Ensure you pass documentation on to your successor and notify them of any ongoing technical issues.

If ongoing problems exist that could cause serious problems for your client, make sure you document them, and ideally request that your client sign to acknowledge their awareness.

4.       Remain “On-Hand”

Don’t ignore your ex-client if that client needs to come back to you after the agreement has ended, to ask for passwords or other details.

It is unfair and unprofessional to ignore them, regardless of your reason for ending the relationship.

After all, if your documentation is perfect, they would have no need to ask you anything!

Freeing yourself of a troublesome client can be a cathartic experience that leaves you with the time and energy to seek out better customers. Don’t be afraid to clear out the trash on occasion – but make sure you do it right!


Have you ever ended a computer maintenance agreement? Share your experiences in the Comments below.

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