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Running an IT Consultancy – Three Things That Can Spoil Your Day

Running an IT Consultancy Three Things That Can Spoil Your DayJust like any other profession, running an IT consultancy can deliver its fair share of bad days. This article lists three things that are guaranteed to spoil your day and suggests a few tips to reduce the chances of them happening.

1.       Power Failures

There’s nothing you can do to stop an occasional power failure, but you can control the potential outcome.

A poorly configured or untested UPS can turn a simple power-cut into a server-destroying disaster.

Every IT consultancy should invest plenty of time in making sure these essential UPS devices work correctly.

2.       Internet Outages

An Internet connection failure quickly results in a whole office being unable to work.

If it’s due to an ISP problem, there is little you can do other than absorb your client’s anger and frustration.

The solution is a well-considered and tested fail-over connection. A good time to suggest this is just after an Internet outage!

3.       Drive Failures

Anyone who has worked in an IT consultancy for a while knows that servers don’t always act as flawlessly as they should when a RAID drive fails.

To make drive failures less stressful, make sure you are fully versed in the RAID setup of every server your firm maintains

Know which drive is which, configure hot-swappable disks, and know exactly how to use the RAID control software. This is far better than trying to work it out while a problem is occurring.


What is the worst problem to have spoiled your day while running your IT consultancy? Share your nightmare stories in the Comment box below.

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