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Running a Computer Consulting Company – How to Take a Holiday

Running a Computer Consulting Company How to Take a HolidayWhen you’re running a computer consulting company, taking a holiday and remaining undisturbed throughout can be a serious challenge. Unfortunately, PCs and servers will continue to need attention in your absence – in fact, Murphy’s Law seems to ensure that the worst problems will always occur at the worst possible time!

Rest and relaxation are essential, both for your sanity and for your continued enthusiasm in your computer consulting company. This article provides you with some tips to maximize your chance of taking a successful holiday with minimal interruptions.

1.       Arrange Capable Coverage

The person or people you choose to manage your business in your absence must be technically self-sufficient.

If they aren’t capable of fixing any possible problem, then you’re sure to be disturbed the second you stretch out on a sun-lounger.

2.       Maintain Thorough Documentation

Keeping detailed documentation should always be a priority if you run a computer consulting company, but it is particularly important if you plan to step away for a week or two.

If the people you leave in charge can’t easily find passwords, IP structures, and configuration details, they are going to have to call you to ask questions.

3.       Set Contact Boundaries

You may have to accept that you need to keep in some level of contact with the office.

If so, make it clear to those “on the ground” when you can be contacted – perhaps agree on a one-hour window each day when they can phone you, and have a quick check of your email at the same time.

Beyond this, discipline yourself to switch off your smartphone.

4.       Communicate with Clients

Make sure your clients are aware of your holiday plans and your arrangements for coverage.

If you communicate effectively, most clients will be reasonable and do their best to help you have an undisturbed break.


What steps do you take when you need a holiday from your computer consulting company? Share your strategies in the Comments box below.

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