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How to Make Marketing IT Services Simple

Marketing IT servicesHow to Make Marketing IT Services Simpledoes that phrase fill you with dread?

There are many theories and self-proclaimed gurus out there, all giving different and often conflicting advice. It’s no wonder that you feel overwhelmed and confused.

So, how do you make things easy for yourself, so that marketing your IT business is as simple as possible?

Understand Why You Are Marketing

If you are starting to market your new IT service, then your first objectives are to make contacts, build a network, and then inform them about your business and services. This is how you’ll generate leads.

Sure, you need to keep in mind the bigger picture, but you need to focus in on your immediate goals or you won’t get anywhere when marketing IT services.

Getting the Basics Down

Don’t get fancy.

Start with the marketing basics. Get those firmly in place before you try anything else.

Make sure you know whom you are selling to, what their typical purchasing cycle is, and, for social media purposes, where they congregate.

Devising Your Marketing Collateral

Start building up marketing materials that will appeal to your audience.

Concentrate on educating and informing your audience at this stage. You’ll need some or all of the following – create each one with care in the order that it is in line with your immediate business goals:

Get Your Brand Out There – Take Action

The biggest hurdle that you face when marketing IT services is actually taking action.

This is because you are entering the unknown and won’t know exactly what will work for your product, service, or audience until you start trying things out.

So don’t panic too much. Just set aside a portion of each day to spend on marketing activities. Pick up the phone, email potential clients, and build your social presence by engaging with people.

As a separate activity, you should also be building content to share across your social media platforms and your blog.

Slow and steady is what it takes. Do a little each day, focusing on one task at a time.

If you have a list of people to call, concentrate on that. If you have a local networking event to attend, then concentrate on that. Your marketing efforts need to be based on quality and not quantity.

Most small businesses fail because they try to do too much at once or try something too intricate, which leads to confusion and inaction. 

Have you started marketing IT services? Share your questions and experiences with us in the Comments section.

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