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5 Ideas for Technology Marketing Through Local Events

Building a positive reputation for your 5 Ideas for Technology Marketing Through Local Eventsbusiness is something that should be in the forefront of your mind for every decision that you make both personally and professionally. You need to start to build up this reputation in your local community as well as online. Every event in your geographic region has the potential to form part of your technology marketing initiatives.

Here are five technology marketing ideas that you can use to engage with your local community whilst enhancing your business reputation at the same time.

  1. Support a cause that has a positive local impact.

  2. Sponsor a community event or part of one.

  3. Hold a series of advice clinics for the local community.

  4. Teach, train, or mentor a group of young or long-term local unemployed.

  5. Hold or sponsor a series of seminars for a local school or community college.

The aim here is not to sell, but to give back to the community, raising your reputation and brand awareness. Remember that you need to be authentic when engaging in this way. Be yourself, champion your brand, and get wholeheartedly involved.

You’ll also need to think carefully about the causes or organizations that you choose to support – publicly or otherwise. They all build towards the image of your brand. In order to avoid alienating parts of your market, I would suggest that your technology marketing activities avoid political affiliations and supporting controversial religious causes.

Have you given back to your community in this way? If so, share your experiences with us in the Comments section.

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