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Selling Managed Services - A Case Study on Xanadu Technology

Xanadu Technology is a managed services provider, based in the Selling Managed Services A Case Study on Xanadu TechnologyUnited Kingdom, that had a stand and a series of seminars at Business 2012 in London. Attending these provided me with some insights into selling managed services the “Xanadu” way.

How Xanadu Technology Presented Its Value Proposition

Although the sales presentation was partly benefits-driven, Xanadu Technology’s marketing collateral and presentation delivery came very close to a resonating focus approach.

Xanadu Technology clearly demonstrated its in-depth knowledge of their audience’s needs. Their presenters empathized authentically with the issues that businesses and business managers commonly face in today’s economic environment.

The Xanadu Technology presenters also displayed the features and benefits of using its products and services that were most important and foremost in the minds of their audience.

What I Enjoyed Most About Xanadu Technology’s Presentation

Here’s what I found most valuable:

  • Their connection with the audience: the entire presentation involved two-way communication.

  • Their presenters educated and informed, illustrating all key points with personal and informal case studies in the form of stories.

  • The passion of the presenters for the subject matter and their areas of expertise shone through; there was full immersion in the company ethos from every member of the organization.

  • The lack of jargon and general use of language made the presentation accessible to anyone who attended.

What I Think Xanadu Technology Could Improve Upon

Here’s what I think Xanadu Technology could improve on:

  • Fear is a strong motivator when it comes to selling managed services; there was overplaying of the fear of loss of data/security breaches in this presentation.

  • It’s always good to see people employing the key terms that they want their product or service to be remembered for throughout all of their marketing collateral; the term “business enablers” was overused in this presentation.

Overall, I thought that it was a strong sales presentation. It displayed a classic resonating focus approach, which is the best in class as far as relationship marketing is concerned.

Every piece of information given out at the presentation had a valuable takeaway for the audience. The pace of the presentation meant that each new piece of information could be fully absorbed and queried by the audience. The presenters were prepared and able to give satisfactory answers to all questions asked.

What have you found works best when selling managed services? Share your experiences with us in the Comments section.

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Wikimedia Commons Image Source: Philip Halling

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