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Making Geeks on Call a Successful Franchise

Making Geeks on Call a Successful FranchiseGoing with Geeks On Call for your computer business may seem like a sure thing. They have successful franchises all over the place, so yours has to be successful, right?

The truth is, you have to follow three cardinal rules in order to make your Geeks On Call a winner: hire cautiously, budget wisely, and always follow up.

  1. Hire Cautiously. This may sound obvious, but you are only as good as the company, and in this case, the staff, you keep. Make sure the people you are thinking of hiring have the same work ethic as you and will treat this business as if it were their own. They are, in fact, representing you and your business in the field.

  2. Budget Wisely. This rule is applicable to all facets of your Geeks On Call business. You need to not only follow a monetary budget for your overhead and such, but also you and your staff’s time. By budgeting your time efficiently, you will present yourself as a professional, reliable source that people will utilize over and over again for their computer needs.

  3. Always Follow Up. Good old-fashioned customer service is always appreciated. This simple step will help set you apart from others and give you an edge over the competition.

Follow these three simple rules and you too can reap the benefits of a successful Geeks On Call franchise.

Always make sure to consult your lawyer and accountant before undertaking a franchise. Have more tips on having a successful Geeks On Call franchise? Tell us in the Comments below!

And be sure to download your free copy of the quick reference guide to the 13 Computer Franchises that Start Up and Support Computer Repair, IT Consulting, and Managed Service Provider Businesses.

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