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IBM Edge 2012 Promotes Latest Storage Solutions

IBM Edge 2012 in Orlando, Florida, IBM Edge 2012 Promotes Latest Storage Solutionsattracted 2,000 delegates, and many more online.

From June 4th to 8th, delegates learned the technical details of one of IBM's latest IT solutions: Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing

Smarter Storage

IBM promotes its Smarter Storage solution on the grounds that it is "efficient by design, self-optimizing, and cloud agile."


The sessions at IBM Edge 2012 provided the detail behind this statement. They covered topics such as:

  • Cloud storage architecture

  • Storage productivity

  • Data collection and risk analysis

  • Disaster prevention

  • Duplication


IBM Edge 2012 was the first event of its kind. It was also a sell-out. Delegates looked upon it as a chance to fill gaps in their knowledge about IBM storage solutions.

Before the event, the variety of IBM storage products and services confused many solution providers. IBM Edge 2012 answered a lot of their concerns and presented IBM's Smarter Storage as a unified concept.


Some of the answers to delegates' enquiries came at the Q&A. This was one of the most popular sessions at IBM Edge 2012. A panel moderated by a senior IBM director, Scott Drummond, took a wide range of technical and challenging questions.

Anyone interested in knowing more about IBM Edge 2012 and the Smarter Storage solution can view the online videos of the sessions. IT service providers may find that IBM's approach to storage could meet their customers' needs.

Did you go to IBM Edge 2012? Have you watched the event's sessions online? Please share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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Image Source: IBM News Room Image Gallery (IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library)