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Computer Business Card Alternatives That Won't Just Get Filed

Computer Business Card Alternatives That Wont Just Get FiledIf you take a purely practical view of your computer business card, you’ll probably end up concluding that:

  • The information on it should make it easy for your customers to contact you.

  • It should be something they access more than the business cards of competitors.

For getting the design right, check out these handy tips for great computer business cards. But what do you do if your business card ends up at the bottom of a desk drawer, where good design or bad, it’s simply forgotten?

Making Printed Cards Memorable

Ideally, you also want a business card that will incite customers to look at it and note your name on it. This is important. How many ads do you see on TV, where you think “Great ad!” but you can’t even remember the name of the product being advertised?

Ask yourself what is most likely to interest your customers in the sector you are targeting. This might be a summary list of relevant websites or key industry facts or formulae, useful in their everyday business. Get it printed on the back of your card and include a one-liner with your company name and phone number, so that back or front, your customers will still see your name.

Beyond the Cardboard Rectangle

Want to get fancier? Business card sized calculators (with your name and phone number clearly visible, and your contact details on the back) are a possibility. So are similar format digital clocks or room temperature gauges, or anything else that your customers will be motivated to look at frequently. Costs will be a factor, so keep more expensive business cards like these for the decision makers like business owners, IT managers, and purchasing managers.

What is the best computer business card anyone ever handed you? What did you like most about it? Tell us your experience in the Comments section below.

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