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How Computer Consultants Can Profit from Online Backup

How Computer Consultants Can Profit from Online BackupSelling online backup services is a great way for computer consultants to boost revenue.

Making sure backups work reliably is a crucial task for computer consultants at every client site.

Widespread, fast, broadband connections and a great choice of inexpensive services means that online backup can be a great fit for the majority of small businesses – either as their sole backup method or, ideally, as just one part of a comprehensive backup strategy.

Making Money from Online Backup

There are two key ways to make money from online backup:

  1. Hourly Consulting - Firstly, computer consultants can bill time for implementing and maintaining the online backup solution.

  2. Recurring Subscription Commissions - In addition, the majority of online backup providers are eager to work with partners who will sell their solutions to end-user customers. Usually, backup service providers offer companies a percentage of the revenue they make from each customer. As online backup is generally offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis, this means ongoing revenue for the seller, which can soon add up to a substantial amount of guaranteed income when the solution is sold to multiple clients.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

While simple online backup solutions are usually quite inexpensive, imaging and virtualization technologies mean that many online backup providers now offer comprehensive (and more expensive) disaster recovery solutions. As these usually come at a price, they can be a lucrative commission source for the computer consultants that sell them.

There’s an extra benefit too: clients with a comprehensive backup and business continuity solution in place will find it easier to recover from serious system problems. This means less stress for the computer consultants who maintain their networks.

Does your firm of computer consultants offer online backup? Share your strategies in the Comments section below.

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