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Boost Your Computer Service Company with Solid Sales Skills

Boost Your Computer Service Company with Solid Sales SkillsComputer service company owners may be great with their products and services, but have no experience in sales. You may do the work to compile lists of prospects, but drag your feet when it comes to taking action.

An article on the Startup Nation website (“5 Steps to Successful Selling”) lays out the steps to successful selling, written by a veteran salesman (Ed Lewellen of Transformative Thinking). His tips are focused on business to business (B2B) sales, but can also be adapted for sales to consumers.

Here are three of his tips that can be used to close a deal. These come into play after you’ve identified the decision maker, researched the company’s financials, and set up an appointment:

  1. Use a Script – The author strongly recommends working from at least an outline of your major points. Even if you think you’re better speaking off the cuff, consider having a script handy to make sure you’ve hit all of your main points. Use this method to ensure you give a consistent message about what your IT startup can deliver.

  2. Listen – His recommendation is to talk 20% of the time and listen for 80%. Don’t offer your solution right away—let them tell their story. Ask questions to probe what’s frustrated them before. Ask open-ended questions to nail their emotions, such as: “It sounds like you feel as if ______.” Understanding their true needs opens the door for you to show how your computer service company can provide the solution.

  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Their Business – If you’ve set up your product, and shown how your skills are what they need, you should be emboldened to ask them to hire you.

Your computer service company will benefit if you learn to look forward to closing the deal. Share your own sales tips in the Comments section below.

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