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Computer Service Entrepreneurs Need These Four Traits

Computer Service Entrepreneurs Need These Four TraitsIf you’re getting ready to start a computer service company, you may be wondering if you have what it takes. Consider the advice of venture capital executive Richard J. Harrington, who co-authored the book Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck: What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur and Build a Great Business (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012).

In an interview with, Harrington said he wanted to write a how-to book targeted to small businesses. In the interview, he elaborated on the main themes from the title:

  • Heart – He notes that passion is essential and will carry you far more than the entrepreneur who starts a business solely for expected profits. However, heart is not enough. You have to learn the ropes of running a business.

  • Smarts – This means being smart about market realities, and smart about the strengths and weaknesses of your computer service firm.

  • Guts – He says “guts” refers to resilience in the face of rejection and defeats. “Guts” also refers to a willingness to make hard decisions and take risks.

  • Luck – By “luck,” he refers more to the type of manufactured luck in the saying “Luck favors the prepared.” He is correct that feeling optimistic can bring you good fortune. Studies have shown that optimistic people may seem luckier because they are open and looking for opportunities out in the world.

Your computer service company can thrive if you develop and balance these four key traits. If you’ve had success finding the right balance of these four traits, share it with us in the Comments section below.

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