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Managed Services Software – Four Types of Software That Can Help You

Managed services software is well worth full investigation Managed Services Software Four Types of Software That Can Help Youif you are providing IT support on a MSP basis.

The right software can both streamline your day-to-day operations and allow you to offer extra chargeable services to your clients.

Here are four types of managed services software that you should be sure to look into:

1.       PC Management Software

Many vendors, including Microsoft with its “InTune” product, are now offering PC management software aimed at SME businesses.

PC management software allows you to centrally monitor updates, security threats, and software installations, which could vastly speed up those repetitive tasks.

2.       Call Logging Software

If you are still using spreadsheets to log client calls, this is the one kind of managed services software you can’t do without.

Logging calls professionally helps with client reporting and internal documentation.

3.       System Uptime Software

Various products are available that help you keep an eye on your clients’ servers and services—alerting you quickly in the event of problems.

Not only can this software help you be more proactive, you can perhaps consider charging clients for a new level of monitoring.

4.       Managed Internet Security

Several antivirus vendors now offer cloud-based antivirus products that you can sell on to your clients.

Not only can you potentially earn some commission from selling it, you can also save yourself considerable time by having a central, dashboard view of security and threats across all of your client systems.


What managed services software do you make use of? Share your experiences in the Comments below.

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