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Your MSP Marketing Website Needs Your Own Content More Than Ever

Your MSP Marketing Website Needs Your Own Content More Than EverEven if search engines cannot detect if you’re using MSP marketing ideas that also appear on other websites, they can penalize your website for using duplicate content. Google in particular is targeting sites that “scrape” or aggregate content from other sources. Its Panda updates have been a significant step in this direction, making pages with duplicate content harder for Internet users to find.

If you are relying on web exposure like this to boost business, the solution is to have your own original, quality content. However, that takes time and effort, which incites some people to try to use existing content instead. So what are your options?

Write It Yourself

At least you should then get what you want. You’ll also avoid trying to shoehorn content into your site that was never written with your company specifically in mind:

  • Start by knowing which messages you should be communicating (see our previous post on “Managing Your Marketing Mouth”).

  • Follow these basic guidelines on blogging or writing to get your keyword placement right and check that your material is sufficiently original.

  • Get writing in a way that interests your audience and strengthens your relationship with them.

Have Somebody Else Write It

You can use MSP marketing material written by others—if it’s written specifically for your needs:

  • Find a service for this (online services include Elance, Freelancer, and ODesk, among others).

  • Prepare a short brief for your provider that describes what you want and the type of customer you want to address.

  • Make it clear that material written for you must be original, and must not be used elsewhere; check using tools like Copyscape.

Have you already worked with an external provider for your MSP marketing content? What were the results? We welcome your war stories in the Comments section below.


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