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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - October 1, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

October 1, 2012


Take the IT Marketing Client Attraction Quiz
Do you need more clients? Take the IT Marketing Client Attraction QuizAre you tired of settling for lousy marketing results? Would you like to attract the best B2B clients to your firm?
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Case Study on Selling Managed Services
Xanadu Technology is a managed services provider, based in the United Kingdom, that had a stand and a series of seminars at Business 2012 in London. Learn how this MSP presents its value proposition, what was most enjoyable about its presentation, and where it could improve.
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How to Handle Computer Repair Contract Complaints (Screencast)
Running an IT company isn't always easy. Once your business gets busy, occasional customer complaints come with the territory. However hard you try, you can't please all of the people all of the time. You can, however, control how well you deal with each complaint. Listen to these 5 tips to help you ensure that you deal with complaints the right way.
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Does Your IT Help Desk "Pull" or "Push"? (And Why It Matters)
How do you determine what constitutes a "high priority" ticket? How do you tell a frustrated client that his or her ticket is in line behind more urgent projects? And when is it acceptable to interrupt something that's partway finished? Learn about the pros and cons of "pull" vs. "push" systems for managing an IT help desk.
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5 Technology Consulting Must Do's (Screencast)
If you run a technology consulting business, it's easy to get bogged down in day-to-day work and lose sight of the big picture. Sometimes it’s worth going right back to basics and considering the essential things that everyone working in technology consulting should be doing on an ongoing basis. Find out about five essentials.
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Tired of Cheapskates? How Your Computer Repair Service Can Survive the Internet Economy
Getting to know what customers need, and offering quality insights to benefit their business, still rules the day in IT consulting. However, the Internet has brought about a general culture change in how services and goods are bought and sold.
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The 7 Things Every New IT Solutions Provider Needs To Know (Screencast)
When you start up a new IT solution provider business, many find that they are overwhelmed with information. Many strategies and technologies vie to grab your attention -- a lot of them are unnecessary when you first start out. However, there are some things that it is good to know up front. Discover seven key ideas to keep in mind when branding your business and launching your initial marketing and sales processes.
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How Online Backup Can Boost Your Bottom-Line
Selling online backup services is a great way to boost revenue. Making sure backups work reliably is a crucial task at every client site. Widespread, fast, broadband connections and a great choice of inexpensive services means that online backup can be a great match for the majority of small businesses. Learn how online backup services can give a big boost to your bottom-line.
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3 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Competitors
Making a success of your company hinges on being able to distinguish your service from the competition. To assess your competitive advantage, consider the advice offered by the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.
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Microsoft Small Business Specialist Evolves to Embrace the Cloud (Screencast)
The Microsoft Small Business Specialist program has proved popular with VARs, MSPs, and consultants since its inception. The program is changing, however. Microsoft says it has listened to its partners, and looked at the way small businesses are turning to cloud-based services. The result is the Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency.
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Is a Classroom Course Really Necessary for A+ Certification Training? (Screencast)
Classroom-based A+ certification training courses can cost anything from zero up to around $2,000 US. If you are already an experienced IT technician, you may have wondered whether it is really necessary to attend a training center to complete a course, especially if you are confident of the course content and your ability to pass the exams.
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