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Small Software Companies Can Be an Awesome Niche Market

When you're starting up a new IT business and cannot decide which niche to target, you should consider small software companies. This is quite a small niche market, but can easily support your new business as long as you have the skills and experience needed to support small software companies.

Why Would Small Software Companies Need You?

Good small software companies are brimming with IT talent. Most of the staff have a working knowledge of the technical skills you’re able to bring to the table, but they are not their specializations and are likely outdated.

Freeing their in-house talent to focus on the projects that support the company’s goals rather than carrying out unrelated tasks is a major resource benefit you can illustrate when approaching them.

The types of small software companies you want to approach have just started to scale up and need a dedicated person to handle their IT infrastructure needs.

What Services Can You Offer To Them?

You can bring a wealth of experience and skills to the table that will be invaluable to a company that is still in its infancy. Some of which are:

  • The development, design, implementation, and management of their core IT solutions

  • Ongoing identification of pain points and risks, as well as their solutions

  • The deployment of upgrades and code to production servers

  • Tracking of hardware and software assets

  • Technical support—remote and onsite

  • Development of IT policies and procedures

  • Backup services

  • Network security

Working as an IT consultant within the software industry can be easier than working outside of the tech world. You will be familiar with the entire environment, and you will encounter fewer hurdles than you would with customers from a nontechnical background.

Do you have experience providing services to small software companies? We would love to hear your strategies for providing services to them, please share them in the comments section.

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