Not everyone agrees with having to-do lists, but if you’re marketing IT services for the first time, it is probably prudent to have a checklist to keep you on track with your IT marketing jobs. The best way to set about this: have a documented marketing plan so that you can use this to generate a daily/weekly/monthly IT marketing jobs list for yourself.

Four stages within your business are vital to your marketing efforts. The amount of time and resources you spend on each one will depend entirely on your business's current status. For instance, if your leads have dried up, you’ll want to focus more on stage one. If you have issues with customer retention and repeat business, then you’ll want to focus on stage four.

Here’s my list of 20 actions you can focus on across the stages to improve your marketing in those areas:

Stage One – Gathering Leads

  1. Launch your website

  2. Drive traffic to your website

  3. Set up social media profiles and start to network

  4. Join one or two local business networking groups

  5. Attend an industry tradeshow

Stage Two – Raising Awareness

  1. Start blogging regularly

  2. Run a seminar for the local business community

  3. Sponsor a local or industry event

  4. Take a stand (booth) at an industry tradeshow

  5. Hold a promotional event

Stage Three – Closing Sales

  1. Put your sales pack together

  2. Make sales phone calls

  3. Book sales appointments

  4. Write sales letters as part of your email marketing

  5. Create special offers

Stage Four – Customer Service/Retention

  1. Set up your processes to exceed customer expectations

  2. Collect testimonials

  3. Offer benefits to those repeatedly doing business with you

  4. Make your customers feel special and enchant them

  5. Keep in regular contact via email, newsletters, visits, and/or calls

These are all things that you should be doing as part of your marketing efforts. There are quite a few of them, and there are plenty more that you could consider. You need to choose the right mix for your business, which will change over time as your business develops.

When marketing IT services, you need to adjust your efforts constantly. Doing this formally as part of a marketing plan will help you to generate the action items for your IT marketing jobs list, which will, in turn, help you to keep on top of it all. Remember: everything is easier to implement when broken down into baby steps.

What other tasks do you include on your IT marketing jobs list? Share your ideas with us in the Comments section.

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