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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - October 15, 2012

Your MSP Marketing Website Needs Your Own Content More Than Ever (Screencast)SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter
October 15, 2012

Your IT Marketing Jobs List - Are These 20 Actions on It?
If you're marketing IT services for the first time, then it is probably prudent to have a checklist of some sort to keep you on track with your IT marketing jobs. Find about 20 actions you can focus on across the various stages to improve your bottom-line marketing results.
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Computer Marketing Do's & Don'ts for Drawing in Higher Paying Clients (
Most small business VARs, MSPs, and freelance IT consultants don't wake up every morning wondering, "Gee, wouldn't it be great if we landed a whole bunch of low-paying clients that verbally abused our techs and caused us to lose money on every hour billed?" That’s the nightmare scenario. So how can you avoid that scary outcome?
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Your MSP Marketing Website Needs Your Own Content More Than Ever (Screencast)
Even if search engines cannot detect if you're using MSP marketing ideas that also appear on other websites, they can penalize your website for using duplicate content. If you are relying on web exposure to boost business, the solution is to have your own original, quality content. So what are your options?
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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)
Would you like to close more sales faster? Want to learn how to dramatically boost your closing rate? Do you need to generate more recurring revenue sales with higher margins?
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Computer Repair Rates - How to Determine Pricing (Screencast)
Deciding your rates is an important task. You must make sure that you charge enough to cover your costs and make a healthy profit, and at the same time ensure that you don't price yourself out of the market. Here are five steps to help you structure your pricing.
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Build Your Computer Repair Services List Strategically (Screencast)
There are many services that you can offer as a computer repair services provider. However, to maximize your business potential, you need to focus your services towards the B2B market. So what are the types of service that you should consider including on your services list?
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Managed Services Software - Four Types of Software That Can Help You
The right managed services software can both streamline your day-to-day operations and allow you to offer extra chargeable services to your clients. Here are four types of managed services software that you should be sure to look into.
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How An IT Service Company Can Land Its First Clients (Screencast)
If you're launching an IT service company, you're no doubt worried about getting those first clients. A successful entrepreneur tells how he secured his first clients, without a website, business cards, or client testimonials. His main three tips are adaptable for an IT service company as well.
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6 Computer Repair Tools That Every Technician Should Carry (Screencast)
There are certain computer repair tools that, as an IT technician, you should have with you at all times. By ensuring you always have the following items on hand, you can greatly reduce your number of frustrating working days.
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Are "Computer Distributor" Search Engine Results a Sign of the Times?
Is there is something strange going on with the search engine results for "Computer Distributor"? The current results in Google for example make major, multi-billion dollar market players like ALSO-Actebis, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and Tech Data conspicuous, but by their absence. Yet these distributors still have computers as part of their offerings and rate as leaders in the domain.
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Microsoft Cloud Certifications - An Introduction
Cloud certifications have become an integral part of Microsoft’s accreditation options. Microsoft clearly believes that the cloud is the future, and there are now a number of exams that allow IT professionals to qualify in delivering Microsoft cloud solutions.
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