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How Your Computer Services Company Can Jump Start Networking

How Your Computer Services Company Can Jump Start NetworkingIf you run a computer services company, you know that networking can be the key to quality clients. However, many people dread the thought of networking. It seems fake to force yourself to talk to people at those awkward events.

An article on offers some tips on the first part of the networking-in-person piece—how to introduce yourself to people. The author, Jeff Haden, emphasizes that overall, you should consider what the other person wants to hear, not what you want to say about yourself. Among his tips:

Don't Rattle Off Your Accomplishments

The author uses an example of meeting a CEO at an athletic event who boasted about his business accomplishments in the first words that he spoke. You can avoid this by staying relevant to the context in which you’re meeting someone—your first goal is to get to know the other person.

So talk first about whatever it is you have in common that brought you to this event. Mention your computer services company when it can come up naturally.

Ask Questions and Listen to the Answers

Many gurus give this advice, and at times the advice itself sounds forced, let alone the strategy.

But keep in mind no one wants to be talked at—if you’re really going to connect with the other person, you need to listen to what they say—and respond.

Keep in mind that networking is a process. You’re not likely to walk up to a stranger at an event and walk away with your dream contract. Approach networking for your computer services company like you would any other conversation.


Tell us what works for you when introducing yourself to people in the Comments section below.

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