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How Solution Providers Can Close More Sales with Mackay Sales Tie-Downs

How Solution Provider Can Close More Sales with Mackay Sales Tie DownsWhen you meet with prospective clients, are you simply giving the same presentation over and over again? Could you do it in your sleep? And speaking of sleep, have you ever had anyone nod off during your presentation?

Why Solution Providers Often Walk Away Without Closing the Sale

Do you ever find that once you end your presentation, your prospective customer doesn’t fully understand what you’re proposing and you leave without closing the deal?

If you could change all this by using two little words throughout your sales presentation, wouldn’t you? The key is to engage your prospective solution provider clients.

Harvey Mackay wrote an article for on “2 Little Words to Close More Sales.”

Mackay talks about the importance of engaging your audience while making a sales presentation, so you can eliminate the surprise factor and find out if the prospect has any reservations before you try to close the deal.

How Harvey Mackay Sales Tie-Downs Can Help Close More Sales

The two little words he refers to are called sales tie-downs. What these do is end your statements with questions, so that your prospect can ask questions throughout your presentation.

As a solution provider, some sales tie-downs you could use might be:

  • Wouldn’t you?

  • Couldn’t you?

  • Haven’t you?

  • Doesn’t it?

  • Won’t they?

Sales tie-downs help you keep control of the presentation and help to confirm that your prospect understands what you’re talking about. You’ll also gain direction from your prospects to know whether or not it’s OK to proceed further into your solution provider sales presentation.

The Bottom Line

The next time you’re making a sales presentation to a prospective client, use a few sales tie-downs throughout. You’ll see how much easier it is to close sales when you have been provided with valuable feedback all along the way.

What helps you close more sales as a solution provider? Please share your tips, hints, and war stories in the Comments section below.

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