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Comparing IT Franchise Opportunities – What to Focus On

Comparing IT Franchise Opportunities What to Focus OnIf you are comparing different IT franchise opportunities, it can be useful to focus on some specific things to help you narrow down your choices. This article suggests five factors that should definitely form part of your decision making process:

1.    Company Reputation

Make sure you spend time gaining a perception of how each company is regarded by both their peers and the public. There is little point in signing up to a franchise operation with a poor reputation—it could be making it harder to make a success of your business than going it alone.

2.    Fees

While some IT franchise operations allow you to sign up free of charge, perhaps taking a commission from your billing, others may demand hefty up-front fees. Needless to say, the cost of getting involved with each franchise should be carefully compared.

3.    Benefits

Consider creating a spreadsheet that compares exactly what benefits all the franchise offers you are considering give you. While you may not be able to attach a financial value to each, this will help you to drill down to exactly what you want from your franchise partner.

4.    Terms and Conditions

You need to know exactly what you’re getting involved with when it comes to business transactions. You must read the small print for all the IT franchise opportunities you are seriously considering.

5.    Freedom

Will your franchise partner allow you relative freedom in running the business the way you want, or will you be tied to very specific working processes? Consider your own working style and the balance of freedom and support you are looking for.


How do you go about comparing IT franchise opportunities? Share your methods in the Comments below.

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