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Marketing Your Computer Firm With Great Speeches

Marketing Your Computer Firm With Great SpeechesA great way to market your computer firm is to book yourself as a speaker at local conventions. Doing this helps position you as an expert in your field, and you can market the event to existing and prospective clients.

To make an impact in your speech, one successful entrepreneur suggests that you keep in mind the difference between speaking and making a great presentation. In an blog, Eric V. Holtzclaw, CEO of the user-experience strategy company User Insight, reviews some basic strategies.

Start with honing these two important pieces and you’re a long way to leaving the audience with a positive feeling about your computer firm’s abilities:

Have a Great Opening

This is classic advice that many people still ignore. Start with a surprising fact, an interesting anecdote, or pose a challenging question. In writing, this is called the “hook” and it works in speaking as well.

Outline Your Presentation

Even if you know your topic well, rambling will lose people’s attention. Work from an outline that ties your sub-points to your main themes and refer to it to keep your transitions on point. This helps the listeners track your message.

One of the best ways to improve as a speaker is to ask for feedback. Leave feedback forms in the room that people can fill out anonymously, and print them on your computer firm’s letterhead, of course.


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