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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - October 22, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

October 22, 2012


10 Ways for IT Consulting Companies to Boost Their B2B Sales ASAP (IT.Toolbox)
10 Ways for IT Consulting Companies to Boost Their B2B Sales ASAP (IT.Toolbox)A few months back, on LinkedIn Answers, a sales/marketing manager at a small IT solution provider in the Toronto suburbs asked for advice on how to boost their B2B sales, pretty much right away. The pretty much "right away" part of this question led to the unspoken admission that there's been marketing/sales neglect, or at least mistakes, and that these errors have led to desperation. So what should IT consulting companies do if they need to boost their B2B sales ASAP?
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3 Fixes for Computer Repair Slogans That Need Work (Screencast)
Getting good slogans sometimes takes a little work. If you get the feeling that you are not getting all the customer interest or mind share that you want, then you may need to fix your own slogan.
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Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies (White Paper)
Need more clients? Would you like to consistently attract new business clients to your small IT business?
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6 Computer Repair Flyer Template Ideas for Versatile Campaigns (Screencast)
Following up on a recent article on how to design your flyers for maximum impact, we've assembled a collection of versatile ideas, easily adaptable to a computer repair flyer template, to help inspire your campaigns. Use these template examples as a framework when designing your own.
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IT Sales Resume: What to Look For In a New Hire
Drowning in a sea of applicants and need to review each IT sales resume so that you can decide whom to interview? It's not an easy job. Learn about some of the criteria for the initial sift, plus tips to help you to decide which questions you need to ask yourself while carrying out the initial sifting.
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Managed Services Pricing -- Checking Out the Competition (Screencast)
A useful tactic to help you determine your managed services pricing is to do some detailed study of your competition. Knowing what your competitors are offering potential clients can help you to pitch your services at an attractive and compelling price point. Learn what you should focus on.
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Geek Squad Rates -- Can Your Business Compete?
The race to the bottom of the pricing barrel is a nightmare in any industry. It can be hard to compete with some of the larger computer repair service organizations because they have wildly different business models compared to those of small, locally-based businesses. Now that Geek Squad is taking a serious stab at the SMB market, how exactly do you go about competing with Geek Squad rates?
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On-Site Computer Services -- A Dying Industry?
Is there still a major need for on-site computer services? The continuing popularity of cloud services and remote support products could cause IT professionals to pose this question, but there is no need for despair. This article presents three reasons why, for the time being at least, on-site computer services will remain in demand.
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Why IT Consultants Need to Embrace Fear and Failure
When IT consultants start out on their own, it's natural to worry about failing. One successful entrepreneur says failure is not the problem. Odds are you're going to fail a lot. The key is not to fear the failure.
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Voice and Data Cabling -- Can You Make A Business from It?
Voice and data cabling might not be the first thing that springs into a client's mind when that client is looking to design or reconfigure their IT infrastructure. Nevertheless, cabling is the backbone of any business that utilizes IT.
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Information Technology Certifications -- Do Clients Really Care?
If you've invested in certifications, you may be curious to know to what extent your clients are interested in these credentials.
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