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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - October 29, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

October 29, 2012

4 Computer Repair Logo Design Tips
4 Computer Repair Logo Design TipsYour business needs a logo to represent your business, to act as an image that sticks in the minds of your audience, and starts to build trust with them. It’s important to get your logo right if it is going to succeed in doing all of those things. To make sure you achieve that, take into account these four things you need to do.
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Technology Sales Checklist - What to Bring When Meeting Future Clients (IT.Toolbox)
Let’s face the facts: Most IT professionals don't like salespeople. But regardless of whether you're an independent IT consultant, or an owner or a manager of a small VAR, MSP, or consultancy, there will come a time when you need to meet new potential, future clients. To make sure that you have the right trappings in your toolkit, so that you're prepared to succeed, check out this brief but really important checklist.
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Selling the Benefits of Outsourced IT Support (Screencast)
If you're selling outsourced IT support, you're sure to encounter potential customers who are considering handling their IT internally. If these customers need convincing of the value of an outsourced model, it’s useful to have the key benefits clear in your head, so you can emphasize them as part of the sales pitch. Here are three things to highlight.
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Take the IT Service Contracts Recurring Revenue Quiz
Does your company market to local small business clients? Do you need to generate predictable, recurring service revenue by attracting the best small business clients to your firm's IT service contract program?
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IT Sales Salaries: Balancing the Compensation Mix
If you're thinking about employing a sales person for your IT business, you might be wondering how their salary should relate to your IT sales strategies. It is vital for your business that the sales person’s salary/incentive ratio is right. Otherwise, you'll end up with the wrong sales tactics being used with your prospects.
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5 Ways Your IT Consulting Firm Can Save Money
If you're starting a technology consulting firm, you know the costs can quickly pile up. Discover five tips that can be useful for an IT service company.
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Small Software Companies Can Be an Awesome Niche Market
When you're starting up a new IT business and cannot decide which niche to target, you should consider small software companies. This is quite a small niche market, but can easily support your new business as long as you have the skills and experience needed to support small software companies.
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Apple AASP Program Aims to Enhance Your Business Reputation (Screencast)
Joining the Apple AASP Program can improve the reputation of a business among its customers. This is because approved AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider) status allows a business to provide repair service on products such as Mac computers, iPads, iPods, and iPhones.
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4 Types of Consultant Roles to Watch Out For
As a consultant, you might think that there’s not much to consider about the role you want to play within client organizations, but that’s not strictly true. There’s a need in every marketplace for four types of consultant.
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How to Start a Software Company (Screencast)
Thinking about how to start a software company? If your IT skills are in database design or programming, starting a software company may be far more appealing than providing technical support or network consultancy. To help you focus, this article provides four useful tips to help you decide a strategy.
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