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5 PC Marketing Ideas If the PC Market Implodes

5 PC Marketing Ideas If the PC Market ImplodesYou and your company may be experts in supplying, installing, and repairing PCs—but what would happen if the number of clients who use PCs went down and competition went up? Figures for shipments of PCs in Q2 of 2012 suggest this scenario may be uncomfortably close to the truth. If the PC market is truly destined to decline, here are five possibilities for revamping your PC marketing strategy:

  1. Jump PC ship to join the survivors. While other big PC vendors took a hit, Apple grew its sales in Q2, as did Lenovo. Just watch out for your business model if supplying other PCs to customers means reduced profit per sale.

  2. Follow the PC distributors. They face the same challenges and need to figure out their futures as well, especially if breeds like the desktop PC disappear altogether.

  3. Stick to your PC marketing guns and squeeze out your competitors by offering superior service and business relationships. Not necessarily the easiest option, although grit and determination may mean you keep swimming where others sink.

  4. Offer something new and attractive to your customers to let you sidestep possible PC market turmoil. You may need to be more of a computer business entrepreneur for this.

  5. Supply customers with the IT they want, whether this is PCs, tablets, cloud services, or other. This of course is what marketing is all about, but you’ll still need to make sure that you have the skill set to offer alternative services and solutions. You’ll also need to make sure you can turn a reasonable profit.

Which of these five options do you see best fitting your business? Is PC marketing better done independently or by leveraging vendor and distributor resources? Use the Comments section below to give us your point of view. 


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