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Your IT Sales Process Needs You to Establish Relationships

Your IT Sales Process Needs You to Establish RelationshipsWhether you are concentrating on marketing your IT services online, offline, or through a mixture of the two, you can be certain that your IT sales process will benefit from you establishing quality relationships within your marketplace.

Invest Early in Building Relationships

Building up a network of quality contacts early on in your business’ evolution will stand your sales process in good stead further down the line.

To foster these types of meaningful relationships, you need to ensure that you provide excellent service to everyone in your network, be supportive of their needs, and go out of your way to share information and advice within your circle.

The Give and Take of Referrals

There’s nothing wrong with politely asking for referrals from the network that you’ve built up. If the network you’ve built is a quality one, then you should also be comfortable in providing referrals to your network in return.

Sometimes it is not in your prospects’ interests to contract with them, possibly because the piece of work is slightly outside of your expertise or your client list is currently full.

Under these circumstances, you can enhance your business reputation further by graciously referring a prospect to another business that will provide them with a good service.

Networking and forming relationships is an important part of your IT sales process and it should not be neglected.


What do you do to build relationships as part of your IT sales process? Share your tips with us in the Comments section below.  



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