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Managed Services Software – Introducing SpiceWorks

Managed Services Software Introducing SpiceWorksWhile you’re sure to be aware that there is plenty of managed services software on the market to assist you in running your IT business, you may not know that some very useful products are completely free.

Advertiser-Support Help Desk Software

SpiceWorks is a helpdesk tool, inventory management, and network monitoring solution, all rolled into one. Rather than charging for the software, the developer has chosen an “ad-supported” model. If you are prepared to see the adverts, you can use the software within your business free of charge.

The features in SpiceWorks include:

  • Hardware and software inventory management

  • Software license monitoring

  • A multi-user helpdesk ticketing system

  • Reporting tools

  • Warranty tracking

More Than Just a Help Desk Platform

In addition, SpiceWorks promotes a strong user community, with a wealth of online how-to’s and forums available to its members. The platform also has established relationships with hardware and software vendors.

At the time of writing, the SpiceWorks community runs to around 2 million members, according to its website.

If you are in the market for some managed services software to support your business, it’s worth investigating whether SpiceWorks fits the bill. As the solution is free, you have nothing to lose.


What managed services software do you use within your company? Share your favorite products in the Comments box below. 


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