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How to Market IT Services on Twitter

How to Market IT Services on TwitterEach of the main social media networks has a very distinct personality. The rules of engagement that determine whether a marketing campaign is accepted and successful are different for each one.

Let’s take a look at the recipe for how to market IT services on Twitter that will help you to market your business to its best advantage.

A Little Housekeeping for Twitter

Set up your profile and optimize it.

Make sure that you use a photo for your avatar, that the bio is keyword-rich, and that you set up your page with your business branding.

A Pinch of Strategizing

Twitter has a fast-paced stream. So in order to make a statement there, you need to work out a number of things:

  • Use Twitter as a listening tool to find people that actively talk about the niche that you’re in and follow them.

  • Research whether or not your target audience and local business community are on Twitter, and if so follow them as well.

  • Categorize your Twitter followers and those that you follow into lists. This makes reading and managing your stream a lot more manageable.

  • Decide on your strategy for following back those that follow you. Twitter, like any other social media platform, is about growing a quality community to engage within.

A Touch of Organization

You need a content calendar so that you know exactly what you are going to post and when you are going to post it.

The best idea is to plan this out a week in advance and schedule the content that you want to post using a tool like HootSuite or Buffer. You can also track the best times of day to post by using a tool like Crowdbooster.

It’s important to remember that you should not just jump into Twitter and attempt to sell your products and services straight away.

Build your list, engage with it, share quality content, and help the community. You can promote your own content and services, but this should only be after a suitable period and then at a low frequency compared to the other content that you promote.


Have you started to use Twitter as part of marketing IT services of your business? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the Comments section.  

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