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Are Outrageous Computer Marketing Tactics the Answer?

Are Outrageous Computer Marketing Tactics the AnswerWhat will it take for your computer business to be noticed and for customers to do business with you? Sometimes the answer is to step outside of conventional computer marketing approaches and do something different. If you’re wondering about the place to start, the following examples may trigger some thoughts:


Reverse graffiti is where you display your promotional message not by writing onto a clean surface, but by “cleaning your words” on a dirty one.

You form your message by removing the dirt in the right way. Your impact on the environment is positive.


You’ve seen advertising on cars, trucks, and trailers.

Now check out forehead advertising, or your message on the front of people’s heads.

For the college student IT market perhaps?


In tissue-pack marketing, Japanese marketers found that handing out packs of tissues with your marketing message printed on them gets your ads into the hands of consumers, increases the ad exposure time, and beats fliers as a publicity medium.


Catch your target audience when it’s most ready to absorb your message.

That’s the idea of wait marketing, which targets prospects in a dentist’s or doctor’s waiting room, at a train or bus station, and so on.


Undercover marketing tactics use actors to present your offering as though they were ordinary people simply conveying their enthusiasm. But be careful that your customers do not see this as an attempt to fool them.

How different or outrageous you get depends on the market you want to target. Remember also to check for any applicable legislation or local laws.


How creative can you be in your computer marketing? Do your customers expect conventionality or would they favor originality? Give us your point of view in the space for Comments below.   


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