It’s important when you’re in a consulting role to keep up to date with events and innovations in the sector you're servicing and keep an eye on what’s going on in the business and consulting world in general. This enables you to keep informed on the latest thinking on how businesses work. There are many business and consulting magazines, but which ones will give us the most benefit for our businesses and for our clients?

  • Consulting Magazine is from the Bloomberg group, so its depth and breadth of topics are vast. I’d suggest that even their free online e-zine is well worth subscribing to and skimming for articles of interest.

  • Fast Company – I find that the articles in this title are not always pitched at my age group! Nevertheless, it is still well worth reading for IT, innovation, leadership, and general business topics.

  • McKinsey Quarterly – Heavy duty, heavy hitting, and exactly what you’d expect from this organization. Their website is a fountain of knowledge. They cover every sector and every business topic imaginable. 

  • The Economist – This title will give you a deeper understanding of the world of finance and economics, which you’ll need to understand in order to consult adequately with your clients with the bigger picture in mind.

  • Harvard Business Review – This one doesn’t need any introduction and is impossible to leave out of any business-related magazine listing. Such a well-rounded magazine covers all the latest thinking on management and leadership, which are roles that you have to take on as a consultant.

Now, most of these titles are heavy hitters, and I don’t suggest that you read every single one when it comes out! Be discerning in your reading. Check out what’s due in the next issue and see if it is of interest to you.

Another way to tackle this, as you won’t know what’s in it from cover to cover, is to get together with a group of friends or colleagues and each subscribe to a title. You can then choose an article from your title that you think would be a good read for each person in the group and pass it on or have a system of passing the titles around.


Have I missed any titles that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the Comments section!

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