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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 26, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

November 26, 2012


How to Market IT Services on Twitter
How to Market IT Services on TwitterEach of the main social media networks has a very distinct personality. The rules of engagement that determine whether a marketing campaign is accepted and successful are different for each one. Let's take a look at the recipe for how to market IT services on Twitter.
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Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies (White Paper)
Need more clients? Find out eight very low-cost ways to draw in new business (pages 4-5). Uncover four little-known secrets for locating the most highly qualified prospective clients (pages 7-8). Learn how you can consistently attract more high-paying clients (pages 9-10). Plus discover five easy-to-apply tips for marketing high-margin, small business computer consulting services (page 14).
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Take the IT Marketing Client Attraction Quiz
Do you need better bottom-line marketing results? Are you on the right path? Answer these crucial 7 questions and see how your marketing know-how stacks up.
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Your IT Sales Process Needs You to Establish Relationships
Whether you are concentrating on marketing your IT services online, offline, or through a mixture of the two, you can be certain that your IT sales process will benefit from you establishing quality relationships within your marketplace.
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Managed Services Software -- Introducing SpiceWorks (Screencast)
While you're sure to be aware that there is plenty of managed services software on the market to assist you in running your IT business, you may not know that some very useful products are completely gratis (i.e. "on the house").
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Computer Repair Invoice -- What to Include for Your Clients
If you're starting up a new IT business and have just completed your first piece of client work, then you might be wondering what you should include on your first computer repair invoice. There are two schools of thought on this one.
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Offering Laptop Repair Services -- Things to Consider (Screencast)
Should your IT business offer laptop repair services? Though it is sure to be a service that clients ask for regularly, it can be tough to provide. Consider the following factors.
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Consulting Business Owners Need to Face Their Fears
Starting a consulting business can be a fearful undertaking. There are both legitimate financial fears and general worries.
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Why Computer Franchises May Not Be for You (Screencast)
Computer franchises may seem appealing if you are considering starting your own IT business. If you desire the security and status of a well-known brand name, signing up with a franchise operation may be a good move, and could provide you with the kind of support you need to get your business off the ground. Computer franchises are not for everyone however.
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How Outsourced IT Support Business Can Get Frugal and Save Money
In the early days of your business, it's essential to save wherever you can. Learn about 3 expense categories worthy of your attention.
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Online Computer Repair Services Businesses -- Become Failure-Resistant
What's one surefire way to make sure your online computer repair services company goes out of business before you even get started? Learn 5 simple steps you can take right now to dramatically improve your company's chances of success.
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