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Can Your Technology Company Use an Intern?

Can Your Technology Company Use an InternA small technology company can provide the best learning environment for interns, so don’t worry that you don’t have all the bells and whistles that larger companies can offer, writes John Tozzi in BloombergBusinessweek. His article, “How to Find an Intern,” on the site’s “The New Entrepreneur” section, encourages small firms to compete for interns as a great source of low-cost or no-cost labor.

The biggest challenge can be finding qualified interns. A small technology company doesn’t have the resources to attend campus hiring events, but new batches of online intern-matching directories have sprung up on the Internet. Among the resources available, consider these:

  • offers a directory that aims to connect students with internship opportunities at start-up companies. This site began with a UK focus, but you can list your opening in any country.

  • is a New York-based site that links interns with fast-growing companies. Jobs can be sorted by industry, location, and skill. Employers pay a fee to post a job; browsing for postings is free.

Remember—students and recent grads are hungry for experience. In a large company, they may just be stuck with low-level jobs and little mentoring. Highlight the hands-on experience they will get at your technology company, and you just might land a great candidate.

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