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How to Market IT Services through Your Blog

How to Market IT Services through Your BlogYour blog and your website are the main digital hubs for your business. All of your social media efforts should be driving traffic to this hub. Therefore, how you market IT services on the site is going to be vital for converting visitors to clients.

The types of content that you create and publish on your blog all go towards building up a level of trust, anticipation, and need with your audience. The buildup is a vital part of your business’ lead-nurturing process.

Main Content

The main content on your site should consist of articles that educate and entertain your audience. A good mixture of posts that emotionally connect with them will help you to build trust over time and keep your readers coming back.


Of secondary importance are more image-heavy pieces of content such as infographics that will educate your audience and build brand awareness. They’re generally highly shared pieces of content and are therefore a sound element of a content marketing campaign, when used in moderation.

Case Studies

You also want to have a form of content available on your site that converts well. You’re looking for the equivalent of reviews about your business by your clients that appear on third-party websites. Reviews spread the word about your products and services with emotional words that inspire and convince readers to purchase from you. You can achieve the same high conversion rates by providing case studies and whitepapers for your audience on your website.

Each type of content on your blog has a very specific role to play, so you must ensure that you have the right mix available to nurture and convert your audience.


Have you had issues surrounding how to market IT services on your blog? Share your experiences and lessons learned with us in the Comments section.  


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