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Increase Software Reseller Income through Consulting

Increase Software Reseller Income through ConsultingFor many small IT businesses, especially computer repair businesses, being a software reseller is just one small additional stream of revenue, but there are some ways in which you can easily increase the income per sale.

  • Offer Options: No one product will suit every client or situation. Make sure that, as a reseller, you offer a range of software to suit your target market’s needs. As an example, if you’re serving small professional service providers this could mean offering a couple of options in the following areas: CRM, antivirus, accounting, helpdesk, webhosting, and design.

  • Understand the Products: Know the solutions that you sell inside-out and where their strengths lay. The range of software solutions that you resell must integrate easily with each other so that if need be you can provide a client with a total solution using a variety of the products that you offer.

  • Build Your Business: If you’re totally familiar with the products that you offer, then you should consider increasing your revenue further by building a consultancy business around the software that you resell.

Adding value as a software reseller is one of the best ways to grow your business and your reputation in the marketplace. Don’t just treat the products as a nice extra source of revenue, but actually fully integrate them into your business model.


Are you a software reseller or planning to be? Let us know how you intend to fit it into your business model via the Comments section.  


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