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6 IT Services Marketing Steps Built Around Value

6 IT Services Marketing Steps Built Around ValueBusinesses seek value in their IT purchases as much as anything else. When the value they want is clearly on offer to them, they are less likely to haggle over the price or to quibble over minor technical details. IT services marketing based on the following six steps helps you to keep your customer engaged, whether with a sales presentation or a written proposal.

  1. Know what your customer needs. Ask questions as necessary to make sure you understand what your customer requires.

  2. Show how the features of your service align with the customer’s need. Avoid doing the reverse—deforming a need to try to shoehorn in a solution reduces value instead of increasing it.

  3. Describe the specific value the customer will get. Explain how the features of your service solution lead to business benefits for the customer. Different customers will likely each need to be “sold” different benefits.

  4. Have proof to back it up. Demonstrate products or services. Independent test data or solid testimonials from other customers are all possibilities.

  5. Know how to handle objections. Bring more value to your customer and you’ll get fewer objections. But, at least, be prepared with convincing answers to key objections.

  6. Ask for the order. Getting the order will make both you and your customer better off if you’ve correctly built in the value according to the customer concerned.

Cover all the steps and at each stage make sure that your customer agrees with what you’ve identified as the need, or presented as a solution or business value.


Do you already use an IT services marketing technique like this? What results have you seen? Share your experience in the section for Comments below.  


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